Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Greek salad anyone??

In Sweden's first match of Euro 2008, they crushed defending champs Greece in a convincing victory. Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored the first goal in the 67th minute with a magnificent shot from 25 meters. No more than 5 minutes later Petter Hansson followed up with a second goal which clinched the match. Sweden 2 Greece 0. The victory created massive celebrations as illustrated in the pictures above. Can't wait to see what the celebrations will be like if Sweden beats Spain!!

Sweden's next match will be on Saturday against Spain who defeated Russia today 4-1. The game can be seen live in the US on ESPN2 at 9:00am (PST).


Brother Joe said...

Heja Sverige!!! :-) Glad to see you're keeping an eye on Sweden's progress in Euro 2008! First game in a long time where Sweden have played convincingly. A perfectly played match against the defensive greek team (Sweden were the aggressive team and finally it payed off). Gothenburg exploded with joy after the first goal (Zlatans first for Sweden in almost two and a half years and a really beautiful one). Great start to the tournament! Sweden should be able to beat Russia, but Spain will be tough. Anyway, we'll be celebrating til the next match! :-)Keep cheering for us!

Kevin said...

I may have to start following Euro 2008 after seeing the two girls kissing and the nipple through the suit! Keep up the good posts Burg!

The Spaniard said...


The sweeds did play a good game against those Greek homos, but I got 50 bones that says Spain is going to feed Sweden their own meatballs.
You in?

The Frog said...

Kev, I knew it would take some mild girl-on-girl action to finally get you to make a comment! And you know, of course, that post was all Peter!

The Frog said...

And Spaniard! So good to hear from you! I will gladly take your 50 bones! You've got nothin'!! Viva la Sverige!!

Spaniard said...

The Sweeds put up a very good match against Spain. The last minute goal by Spain must be disheartening for the Sweeds since they were really tied up to the last few seconds. Makes those 50 greenbacks that much sweeter.

Viva España