Monday, June 23, 2008

The Peanut is Down! The Peanut is Down!

So, I got the most hilarious e-mail from my sister (see below) about how she had a little 'accident'. Keep in mind it is hilarious, only because she didn't get severly injured, and her delivery of the events is priceless. The first question that came to mind when I read it was, "what in the hell is she doing rollerblading?" Apparently she was inspired by a recent viewing of an "I Love the 80s" episode. She sounds pretty beat up, so I don't think the pics quite do her pain justice, but I did get a verbal release to post the pics and sequence of events, and I just couldn't resist. Stay on top of the Advil Peen, and be sure to elevate!

"Sooooo... got into a minor accident yesterday. I was coming up to a sharp corner at the bottom of a hill on my rollerblades (you might know the one, actually... the path that runs along S. Cherry Creek Dr. by the mall and takes you under University, then takes a SHARP turn to run you up and alongside University before it takes another turn and runs with 1st/Speer past the Cherry Creek Country Club and into downtown). Well, I got some good speed on the hill heading under University and rather than take the sharp 90-degree turn with the path (although I did try), I went straight. My wheels skidded out from underneath me and the friction of skin-on-pavement slowed me enough so I only bounced once... just enough to flip me over and even out the road rash. I spent the rest of the afternoon RICE-ing my entire body while listening to Chris' woes about not getting to spend his ice-cream money. He did say that he was glad that I was alright... but even more glad that he witnessed it and that the only thing better would have been if I ended up in the river. Good thing the curb and the railing stopped me. On the limping skate home, he advised me that I would NOT be getting the scooter that I've been asking for (talk about salt in the wounds). So today, my left arm is swollen and bruised and my bloody wounds have started 'weeping'. My right leg is more red, swollen and scratched than it is normal and although nothing is broken, I'm pretty sure I tore my left shoulder because I can't raise my hand to ask any questions or open a jar of pickles. Good thing today is an office day. I also tried to dress myself and didn't get very far. I can't fasten my own bra and the seam in any sort of pant is enough to effect my walk in a constant-attempt-to-get-away-from-my-right-pant-leg kind of motion (like a dog chasing it's tail).

Needless to say, I am a hurtin' unit and can hardly focus on work so I thought I'd share some choice pics of my injuries (note that my elbow is lost in the swelling). Don't worry about me though... I'm a strong girl and only cry in the shower.

Happy Monday. "

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