Thursday, June 5, 2008

Gone Fishing

Marina in Resurrection Bay down the Kenai Peninsula

I had the opportunity to go fishing in Seward, AK today. It was quite an adventure! Unfortunately, the weather was not ideal, but I was so distracted by all of the sights to really notice. Although, by not ideal I mean 45 deg. and raining all day! But what is that Swedish saying Peter? There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes. So true! Not to mention we left at 3 AM! So painful! But seriously, it is like walking around in a postcard up here! The trees, the mountains, the water, the wildlife! The pictures don't even do it justice, but here is a little taste of my attempt at catching the big one.....

Getting acquainted with my pole and our trustly steed.
(Not quite what I was expecting, but I had plenty of rain gear. And how flattering it was!)

The Crew

We saw so much great wildlife! Sea otters, dolphins, seals, jumping fish, bald eagles....unbelievable!

Catch o' the day
We were hoping to catch a King Salmon, but no such luck. Spring has sprung pretty late up here this year, which has made for a later salmon season. This little fella is a ling cod, apparently not like your typical cod, but a delicacy, and illegal to keep when caught in the bay.

Giving him a little hug before I set him free.
I know he looks small, but I was pretty happy about it!

This doesn't even look real!

Taking it all in

So many waterfalls everywhere! Amazing!


Big Blue's Driver said...

Good stuff. Glad you can get all that manly stuff in when you leave your husband behind. Alaska looks awesome. Eeps, we must go soon!

Anonymous said...

Aw, man, that does look gorgeous!! You're right that it looks like a postcard. And I am guessing, now just a guess here, that the photo of you and the crew was pre-4am? Cause there is just a hint of 'what the hell am I doing up so early, postcards or not' that I get from your eyes...but again, just a guess.

Anonymous said...

Good guess Eeps. What gave it away, the 18 bags under my eyes and my not so sincere smile? As you know...not my favorite time of day!