Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Glad Midsommar 2008!!

It's that time again to celebrate the longest day of the year and to get the summer started off with a bang. Over the weekend we celebrated Midsommar, which if you recall is a national holiday in Sweden. I know I've said it before, but when it comes to a celebration, the Swedes really know how to do it up right! We had absolutely perfect weather with plenty o' sunshine, a warm breeze and with the temp around 80 degrees it could not be beat!

We did have our traditional Swedish fare (similar to last year) complete with meatballs, potatoes, 4 different kinds of herring, eggs with caviar, smoked salmon, shrimp with Peter's special sås, and of course akavit! We had quite a turnout this year and good times were had by all! Here's to good food, great friends, and a fantastic summer! Skål!

The Swedish chef hard at work.

It all starts with the food.

Herring: mustard, original, creamy garlic, and dill. Mmmmm.....

Smoked salmon, and baby shrimp with sås and dill.

Just getting warmed up.

T. with Rob and Devon.

The spread

P and Rob enjoying the herring.

Mark and Joey sporting their Swedish colors.

Rob and Bevin (not to be confused with Devon)

P. passing out the akavit, and Devon feeling a little unsure about it.


Kodak moment with Bob and Carolyn.

You can never have too much akavit!

Joey and Erica enjoying the swedish fish.

Maggie enjoying the breadsticks while Brian pretends he doesn't know her.

Big Al in the house! And it is past 10:00! Way past 10:00......

A rare Jimmy James sighting!

Even DJ Pete Marvelous made an appearance


Big Blue's Driver said...

Are you kidding? I didn't know you knew that many people! And James was there! We need to party more with that dude! He's a good time!

We are marking our calendar for next year!

Elizabeth said...

WTF?!?! We go out of town and you throw an even bigger Midsommar than last year?? Who is Erica? Who is Bevin? Who is Mark? Who is Joey? Who are these new friends and how come they only come out when we are gone? What does that mean? Bob and Carolyn too? And JIMMY JAMES came??? I repeat: WTF!!!!

I feel like a jilted lover. I may not get over this.

Damn you BV!!

Anonymous said...

That food looks awesomely good!! Too bad you guys couldn't make it to Sweden for midsummer. Maybe next year? ;-)

Cherie Mac said...

This could easily, hands-down be published in the next issue of Midsommer Magazine -- if there was such a thing. Super pics! Great cuisine! I think EP's tantrum is right on -- awesome party Monkey and Frog! (who is Jimmy James?)

Elizabeth said...

Great call Cherie Mac - that was most definitely a tantrum. I do love a good Midsommars and this year two factors collided and prevented my fun: pre-planning vs. no planning. Sigh. It just wasn't mean to be I guess.

And Jimmy James does all our hair. Plus Babs's hair as well on rare occasions. He rarely makes appearances, so this was akin to sighting a rare pelican. You should come out for a California cut and see for yourself!

FP Brewer said...

fyi - my grandfather, Gerard Hesselgren, had quite a bit of Swede in him, mixed in with German. I don't recall much about celebrating Midsommar, so maybe my grandmother (the Brit) made him stop before I was born.
Do they drink Jack Daniels at Midsommar? A half gallon of Old No. 7 was a perennial staple at this house. We should check out that that family line...